Swedish 75, 115
Hot/Cold Stone Deep Muscle Therapy 85, 125

Body Treatments

Hydrating Salt Scrub 75
Renew Facial Massage 75
Spa Reflexology 75
Scalp 50

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Swedish Massage 60, 90 minutes

The therapeutic benefits of massage are sought after all over the world. Do you need a deep massage for stubborn knots or maybe you have a chronic area of pain or is the massage you need simply relaxing and stress relieving? Your massage will be customized to your needs.

Hot/Cold Stone Deep Muscle Therapy 60, 90 minutes

This concentrated therapy combines a full-body massage with warming and cooling products to provide deep muscle pain relief. The use of hot and cold therapies together, give the circulatory system a gymnastic workout that promotes a healthy supply of blood cells and nutrients needed for tissue repair, while eliminating inflammation and congestion in effected area. Focusing in the back/neck, legs/hips, or arms/hands, this soft tissue treatment is ideal for pain management, athletes, deep tissue, and overuse of muscle groups.
30 minutes of localized application to back/neck, legs/hip, or arms/hands Warm Towel Compression: To help relax muscles and open pores. Therapeutic warming ointment: Prossage® Heat is a uniquely blended ALL NATURAL area specific warming ointment, relieving pain from soft tissue restrictions.
Hot Stones: Penetrating deeper into the muscle tissue.
Cooling Gel: Using cryotherapy, Biofreeze® analgesics relieves pain in sore muscles for up to several hours, and pain-free muscles heal faster.

Hydrating Salt Scrub 60 minutes

When planning your skin care needs, don’t stop at your neck. Getting a full body exfoliation nourishes your skin below the neck where a facial ends. Slough old dead, dull skins cells off revealing new younger, healthier skin. Following this skin glowing treatment, you will be cocooned in a skin-softening moisture replenishing mask accompanied by a light massage to ensure an even application.

Renew Facial Massage 60 minutes

This hour facial massage is sure to leave your face feeling radiant and new. With a non-esthetic approach, Drake Day Spa’s facial massage uses doTERRA’s Verage skin care line. Start with a gentle cleaning and toner to purify and tighten the skin, next, a hydrating serum and moisturizing application to defy the effects of aging. Less not forget a face and neck massage, improving circulation and relieving tension in the muscles.

Spa Reflexology 60 minutes

Reflexology is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the bodies nerve endings, found in the feet and hands are stimulated to unblock chi and encourage body functions. Your feet will be cleaned with a gentle salt scrub. Using a trained technique to address reflex points in the foot, this session will leave your feet free of tension and a feeling of walking on Cloud 9.