Swedish 45, 75, 115
Hot/Cold Stone Deep Muscle Therapy 85, 125
Thai Yoga 85, 125
Swe-Thai 85, 125
Sports/Injury 100

Body Treatments

Dead Sea Salt Glow 50
Spring Renewal Dynamic Body Wrap 110
Dead Sea Mud Mask 60
Sugar Face Scrub 50
Reflexology 60
Scalp 50


Swedish + Salt Glow + Scalp (2 hrs) 166
Reflexology + Mud Mask (1.5 hrs) 114
Mud Mask + Salt Glow + Scalp (1.75 hrs) 133
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Service Details

Swedish Massage 30, 60, 90 minutes

Relax into your massage on a heated table. Your massage starts off with a hot towel compress. Knots are given the attention they have been asking for! Hot Stones are used for that last final touch on the back. Complement your massage with aromatherapy at no additional charge. Any aromatherapy cream left over goes home with you.
If you enjoy stretching during your massage, try the Swe-Thai Massage.

Hot/Cold Stone Deep Muscle Therapy 60, 90 minutes

This concentrated therapy combines a full-body massage with warming and cooling products to provide deep muscle pain relief. The use of hot and cold therapies together, give the circulatory system a gymnastic workout that promotes a healthy supply of blood cells and nutrients needed for tissue repair, while eliminating inflammation and congestion in effected area. Focusing in the back/neck, legs/hips, or arms/hands, this soft tissue treatment is ideal for pain management, athletes, deep tissue, and overuse of muscle groups.
30 minutes of localized application to back/neck, legs/hip, or arms/hands Warm Towel Compression: To help relax muscles and open pores. Therapeutic warming ointment: Prossage® Heat is a uniquely blended ALL NATURAL area specific warming ointment, relieving pain from soft tissue restrictions.
Hot Stones: Penetrating deeper into the muscle tissue.
Cooling Gel: Using cryotherapy, Biofreeze® analgesics relieves pain in sore muscles for up to several hours, and pain-free muscles heal faster.

Thai Yoga Massage 60, 90 minutes

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing therapy originating in the temples of Thailand, its Thai name literally translates as "the ancient way massage". It's modern nickname is "lazy man's yoga". Thai Massage earned its nickname from the assisted deep stretching involved and bodywork which stimulates the meridians and allows energy to flow more optimally in addition to lubricating the joints and fascia. Thai massage is typically done on a mat or futon as the practitioner gracefully navigates around the client as if dancing. This Thai Massage has been adjusted to safely be applied on a table.

Swe-Thai Massage 60, 90 minutes

Swe-Thai Massage is a unique style that successfully and delightfully blends the relaxing strokes of Swedish Massage with the powerful stretches of tradition Thai Massage. The Swe-Thai Massage may be the ultimate treatment for relaxation. It is superb for neck and back pain, which seems to be the primary areas of concern because that’s where most people carry stress. Unlike traditional Thai, you will be disrobed and draped throughout the massage. Some stretch techniques will require therapist to be on the table with you to insure biomechanics while performing the stretch and not to injure you. Please note, if you have joint issues, disc problems, this massage is not recommended. Consult with therapist before receiving this massage.

Sports/Injury Massage 60 minutes

Some massage needs require a more focused measured session. In a Sports or Injury massage, time is spent addressing chronic or acute areas that are bothersome on a day to day basis, whether it comes from your job, an injury, or life style activities. This massage is sure to ease your trouble areas. Deeper massage techniques are used to break up scare tissues and increase range of motion, helping heal injured muscle tissue.

Dead Sea Salt Glow 30 minutes

After a salt glow, your skin will feel smooth and silky. The top layer of dead skin has been exfoliated leaving a fresh, supple layer of skin. Salt is considered to have detoxifying properties. Sea salt in particular is rich in mineral content. So your salt glow nourishes the skin with minerals from the salt. Your skin will naturally flush when the salt glow is done with the appropriate pressure. This response shows an increase in blood circulation: both blood and lymph circulation.

Spring Renewal Dynamic Body Wrap 60 minutes

This body wrap is Dynamic! After cleaning and preparing your skin for ultimate moisture absorption with a gentle salt scrub, a moisturizing mask is then applied to your back, arms, and legs. Wrapped with a mylar thermal blanket, additional blankets, plus lying on a heated table, you are sure to detoxify the winter away while deeply moisturizing your skin. During this wrap I will bring you through a handful of movements and mild stretches, awakening your body from its cold winter slumber. Or if you prefer to just lay with the relaxing calm of detoxifying and hydrating, some loving head cradling and scalp massage can be done in place of the Dynamics.

Dead Sea Mud Mask 45 minutes

Facial mud masks are designed to improve the appearance of the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells, deeply cleansing the pores, moisturizing, and tightening the skin for a younger looking appearance. During this treatment you will receive a gentle hand and foot massage, and after the mask has been cleaned off the face, a soothing face and neck massage is given. Aromatic blended oil can be added to the mud and facial oil.

Sugar Scrub Facial Massage 30 minutes

This massage was designed to sooth stress in the face and aid in optimizing the health of your facial skin while gently exfoliating. Start with a warm towel compress and a gentle sugar scrub to increase circulation, cleanse, and prep the skin and facial muscles. Your sugar scrub contains Grape Seed oil, known for its powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from premature aging. This half hour session is sure to make your face feel younger and glowing with reduced stress. Infuse your scrub with an aromatherapy blend.

Reflexology 45 minutes

Reflexology is an Eastern practice to stimulate the nerve endings in the feet. Your feet will be prepped for sensory enhancement with a foot scrub using Dead Sea Salts. Massaging the reflex points of the foot is sure to send your feet to cloud nine. An Aromatherapy blend of your choice will added to the salts.